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Frustrated Collector.

Does anyone know a place I can get The Producers souvenir program? I wanted to buy one recently when I went to see the show (with Hunter in it!) and I collect the souvenir programs. I was very dismayed when they wouldn't sell me one (something about the change of cast. . .) and have been trying to get my hands on one for the longest time. The only place that seems to have one is Ebay - but I don't have an account and I am becoming increasingly frustrated with Ebay, so would like to avoid it. All the other stores I have looked at only hold the LA version. I don't care who is actually in the program, but I want a broadway one because that is what I saw! I guess I could go see it again. . but with my luck by the time I get a chance it will be closed!

Any kind of help with be GREATLY appreciated.
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